Snowdonia National Park Camping Trip

August, 2018
4 day itinerary

Mountains, Sea, Waterfalls, Hiking, Outdoor Cooking, Maps, compass camping

How long? 4 days, 3 nights
Where? Arthog, Wales
How much? £149
When: 15th August 2018, 9PM
From? Salafi School,
2 Dudley Street, Manchester, M8 9DA
Return? 18th August 2018, 6 PM

Where is it?

We will be camping at Arthog; it is nestled in the foothills of Cadair Idris Mountain, the southernmost area of the Snowdonia National park, close to Cregennan Lakes in the Mawddach valley.  From Pant-Y-Cae the natural wonders of Wales are within easy reach. Ranging from one of the highest mountains in Wales (Cadair Idris) to the Mawddach Estuary which winds its way from the historic town of Dolgellau to the beaches of Barmouth and Fairbourne; it is a beautiful place to experience. 

What will they do there?

Apart from the usual outdoor camping experience of sleeping outdoors by the running stream, cooking in the open, playing hide and seek amongst the trees, exploring the area, listening to stories around the fire, there will be a number of planned activities. 

Day 1

  • Navigation: What is an OS map? getting to know a compass
  • Bushcraft: Knife safety
  • Bushcraft: Fire safety
  • Sun set watch from the hills & Reflection time

Day 2

  • Castle Visit (guided tour)
  • Estuary walk
  • Navigation: Using an OS map and a compass to navigate to specific locations
  • Bushcraft: Making a fire in the outdoors
  • Reflection time & night walk

Day 3

  • Hiking
  • Beach walk
  • Bushcraft: introduction to whittling
  • Reflection time and night walk

Day 4

  • Bushcraft: introduction to whittling
  • Games
  • Scenic drive of the area
  • Home

Food & Drink*

Day 1. 

Lunch: Packed Lunch (Please provide a pack lunch and snacks for the journey)

Dinner: Chicken and Rice

Day 2. 

Breakfast: Selection of cereals and fruit

Lunch: Packed Lunch (sandwiches, fruits, snack)

Dinner: Burgers and sweet potatoes

Day 3. 

Breakfast: Selection of cereal and fruit

Lunch: Packed Lunch (sandwiches, fruit and snack)

Dinner: Chicken and vegetable Curry with roti

Day 4. 

Breakfast: Toast, fried eggs and beans

Lunch: Packed lunch (sandwiches, fruit and snack)

*We can also cater for any special dietary requirements, additionally we will provide drinks and snacks throughout the day.